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Literally become that benevolent God that has been written about for millennium. Simple as that. They value short term wealth over all else. Mostly compatible with taller/skinnier pots. Extends further up the sides of the pot than the Fusion. Also fits slightly different pots than the Fusion.

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Basically, Luke struggles profoundly with the past, and is ultimately liberated by the pseudo book burning and the actual burning of the ancient force tree (I can emphasize this enough, Yoda did in fact destroy a relic of the past during the emotional climax of Luke struggle with the past). He describes the texts as the final remnant of the old jedi ways, and he dies under the belief that those remnants were justifiably destroyed. As such, his defiant statement about not being the last Jedi is not an affirmation of the past and is not a statement that Rey will build something out of the old jedi ways.

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