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canada goose black friday sale For patients with prior lenalidomide exposure, median PFS for Kd canada goose parka outlet uk treated patients was 12.9 months compared to 7.3 months for Vd treated patients (HR: 0.69; 95 percent CI: 0.52 0.92). For patients without prior lenalidomide exposure, median PFS for Kd treated patients was 22.2 months compared to 10.2 months for Vd treated patients (HR: 0.43; 95 percent CI: 0.32 0.56). For patients with prior lenalidomide exposure, ORRs were 70.1 percent for Kd versus 59.3 percent for Vd (OR: 1.60; 95 percent CI: 1.03 2.49), and 81.2 percent for Kd versus 64.6 percent for Vd (OR: more helpful hints 2.37; 95 percent CI: 1.62 3.47) in patients without prior lenalidomide exposure. canada goose black friday sale

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