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canada goose uk black friday Because the confirmed case traveled across Bas Ul, contact tracers will now have a more difficult task ahead of them, seeking and isolating possible Ebola cases in at least two disparate villages, according to Alima.But health personnel dispatched to the region are hopeful that the outbreak will mirror previous, limited Ebola outbreaks in the country.”There will be more cases, but it is more likely to look like other outbreaks in Congo, a smaller outbreak, ending faster,” said Susan Shepherd, Alima’s medical coordinator.”It’s very isolated there,” said Silvain Yuma, chief of staff at the ministry of healthOne of those previous outbreaks was in the neighboring province ofHaut Ul in 2012. There were canada goose outlet los angeles 41 cases there and 18 deaths. The outbreak lasted for around four months.DRC officials said the confirmed infection involved theZaire strain, which was the most common one present during the 2014 15 outbreak. canada goose uk black friday

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