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buy canada goose jacket [score hidden] submitted 19 hours agoAnd the BC Liberals were knee deep in this, allowing this type of stuff to happen on their watch. This province has literally turned canada goose outlet into a banana republic canada goose outlet location and most BC Liberal supporters I talk to could really care less as long as their taxes are low. They go on and on about how bad the mythical 1990s were while this province became unlivable for people, who you know, actually work. This province is now run by speculators, criminals and rent seekers. The financial parasites run the show now and it all happened on canada goose outlet online uk their watch, they are corrupt and incompetent.AN_HONEST_COMMENT 3 points submitted 4 days agoJesus, this guy’s life is a train wreck. His unhappiness is canada goose womens uk sale palpable. Setting aside all the systemic problems of the oil industry, let me just point out how lost this fracking bro is.His mom killed herselfHe joined the Iraq invasion in his angst probably not even understanding what he was actually a part of.He’s making $250k per year and only has $20k in savingsHe shows signs of a drinking problemHe left his girlfriend and kid in Germany with no signs of finding new love or rejoining them.He sees himself in the same situation in 5 years right after he complained about how lonely his job makes himHe’s living the lifestyle of a person running away from their problems$250k https://www.dvu-nds.de a year sounds nice doesn’t it?I’m kind of interested to learn more about others in this industry, to see if there are psychological trends in their behavior.canuckseh29 76 points submitted canada goose parka outlet 2 days agoIn the 1960s, the US Engineering Corps developed a plan to divert three rivers in Canada south to provide long term water security. While, it obviously canada goose black friday 2019 didn’t happen, the plan still exists, and if climate change was to devastate the continental US, I see little to no reason why they wouldn’t ask Canada really nicely to let them take it. Walls won’t stop tanks.In 1975, it was estimated to cost over $100 billion to execute this plan. Obviously today it would cost much more, but when water becomes scarce, the price tag won’t matter.North America water and power alliance (wiki)crooked_erection 50 points submitted 5 days agoIt seems to me all conservative parties are a con these days. I don think it was always like this but at this point it seems like; they get power by preaching small government and personal responsibility. It what conservative ism has been since the 80s. But now a days all they do is govern in the interests of big money. They pass tax laws that help corporations and the rich, they deregulate companies and industry while at the same time pushing for more punitive Justice for the small guy. They cause budget problems that justifies cutting services for the average guy. And now that those policies are hated they push hate immigration and the other because if canada goose outlet vancouver you have problems it because of others taking what is yours. When what they don say it, is it was the conservatives who took it and gave it to the powerful. 3 points submitted 5 days agoI read this article about Burkean Conservatism and it become painfully clear that real Conservatism died a long time ago in the West, what we Canada Goose online have now are just Reactionary Liberals.of course a good part of the confusion arises because the word “conservative” no longer means what it once meant that is to say, a person who wants to conserve something. Putting meaning back into the words can be a risky proposition, in turn, because so many Americans are used to waving them about as arbitrary noises linked canada goose outlet in usa to an assortment of vague emotions, the common currency of what passes for thought in so much of modern American life.The foundation of Burkean conservatism is the recognition that human beings aren’t half as smart as they like to think they are. One implication of this recognition is that when human beings insist that the tangled realities of politics and history can be reduced to some set of abstract principles simple enough for the human mind to understand, they’re wrong. Another is that when human beings try to set up a system of government based on canada goose langford black friday abstract principles, rather than allowing it to take shape organically out of historical experience, the results will pretty reliably be disastrous.What these imply, in turn, is that social change is not necessarily a good thing. It’s always possible that a given change, however well intentioned, will result in consequences that are worse than the problems that the change is supposed to fix. In fact, if social change is pursued in a sufficiently clueless fashion, the consequences can cascade out of control, plunging a nation into failed state conditions, handing it over to a tyrant, or having some other equally unwanted result. What’s more, the more firmly the eyes of would be reformers are fixed on appealing abstractions, and the less attention they pay to the lessons of history, the more catastrophic the outcome will generally be.That, in Burke’s view, was what went wrong in the French Revolution. His thinking differed sharply from continental European conservatives, in that he saw no reason to object to the right of the French people to change a system of government that was as incompetent as it was despotic. It was, the way they went about it tearing down the existing system of government root and branch, and replacing it with a shiny new system based on fashionable abstractions that was problematic. What made that problematic, in turn, was that it simply didn’t work. Instead of establishing an ideal republic of liberty, equality, and fraternity, the wholesale reforms pushed through by the National Assembly plunged France into chaos, handed the nation over to a pack of homicidal fanatics, and then dropped it into the waiting hands of an egomaniacal warlord named Napoleon Bonaparte.Two specific bad ideas founded in abstractions helped feed the collapse of revolutionary France into chaos, massacre, tyranny, and pan European war. The first was the conviction, all but universal among the philosophes whose ideas guided the revolution, that human nature is entirely a product of the social order. According to this belief, the only reason people don’t act like angels is that they live in an unjust society, and once that is replaced by a just society, why, everybody would behave the way the moral notions of the philosophes insisted they should. Because they held this belief, in turn, the National Assembly did nothing to protect their shiny up to date system against such old fashioned vices as lust for power and partisan hatred, with results that made the streets of Paris run with blood.The second bad idea had the same effect as the first. This was the conviction, also all but universal among the philosophes, that history moved inevitably in the direction they wanted: from superstition to reason, from tyranny to liberty, from privilege to equality, and so on. According to this belief, all the revolution had to do to bring liberty, equality, and fraternity was to get rid of the old order, and voila liberty, equality, and fraternity would pop up on cue. Once again, things didn’t work that way. Where the philosophes insisted that history moves cheap Canada Goose ever upward toward a golden age in the future, and the European conservatives who opposed them argued that history slides ever downward from a golden age in the past, Burke’s thesis and the evidence of history implies that history has no direction at all buy canada goose jacket.

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